Increase Page Rank Google Again

Google Page Rank or often called Page Rank (only) is from Google's perspective to assess how important a website for Internet users. This viewpoint was implemented in the form of value with scale 0 to 10, the higher the Page Rank of the more important the website.

Sometimes high Page Rank is often used by webmasters (or website owner) to look for additional income, one of them by following the program Paid Review (which requires the Page Rank for a website that listed). The higher the Page Rank of a website, will get many offers to write a review with the higher rewards.

But on the other hand, google seems to assume that the requirements of the Page Rank on Paid Review program is one form of abuse of Page Rank. So it is not strange if many websites that already have high Page Rank to be down or even become zero just because "caught" Paid Review program.
Nevertheless, Google also provides an opportunity for those affected website "penalty" in the form of a decrease Page Rank. To do that is by asking for reconsideration.

Good Luck...

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