Nawala DNS – Blocking Filter Content

Filter content your children, Internet Aman dan Sehat is anti pornography. Nawala DNS is one of the filter system service based on the name of the Domain Name System which is supported by various parties, businesspersons cafe, Kemkominfo, and PT. Telkom as a state-owned Internet provider in Indonesia.

DNS Nawala specifically filter out all types of negative content, such as Pornography, Gambling, Phishing sites (apostasy) as well as sites that contain malware (malicious software). At school, administrator of internet networking also to blocked games for student so they can focus to study not playing games at school.

With a centralized database management system on a DNS server, controlling it easier to various negative sites. In addition, this tool also involve the general public at all times to provide input on any negative berkandungan site, so they can use the internet more leads on things that are negative.

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