How to Get Free One Way Backlinks

Striving to increase the visibility of your blog or website in search engines? One of the solutions is to increase the number of one way backlinks for your blog. One-way backlinks are links pointing directly to your blog. If you have plenty backlinks from blogs or websites with high Pagerank(PR), that will dramatically help in increasing your blog's Pagerank likewise increase your ranking in search engine results page (SERP) thereby giving you additional traffic for your blog. But the question is: How to get free one way backlinks?

The task of getting the right and high quality free one way backlinks from high pagerank sites entails a painstaking effort. In this article, i will try my best to share you the best ways to get free one-way backlinks:

1. Quality Content. As always been reiterated, in order for a blog to grow, you should always bear in mind: "Content is King". With good contents, there are better chances for your readers to link to your site or blog. But your content will not be visible if you do not have enough traffic. So it is a primary task for a newbie blogger to increase blog traffic.
2. Submitting articles to article directories. Article directories like ezinearticles, squidoo, mahalo, and goarticles allow you to submit high quality articles. Along with the submission of your articles, you can make links back to your site. And that's a legal way of getting free one way backlinks. Those articles directories have very good pagerank and in submitting your articles with the links to your site, you are extracting some pagerank juices from them.
3. Participate in forums or discussion boards. Try to find forums pertaining to your niche. If you find one, make use of your time by joining the discussion then leaving your links in the form of signature. You should know how to leave your URL in forum so that it may come out live. If you know the exact process, you can leave a link with a relevant anchor text.
4. Comment on Blogs. Commenting on blogs is a free way to get one way backlinks for your blog. You can use the search engine to search for topics related to your blog's niche. Then leave relevant comment on those blogs. Do not spam so that your comment will not be deleted by the comment moderator. Upon searching, choose those blogs with high pagerank.
5. Directory submission. For my blog, i used SEO Toolkit to submit my blog to directories for free. Since my toolkit is just a trial version, my submission is limited only to few directories. You can even submit your blog to DMOZ or Yahoo directory for free.

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